The Leibniz Graduate School on "Raw Materials, Innovation and Technology of Ancient Cultures (RITaK)" is a collaboration between the Deutschen Bergbau-Museum(external link) (DBM) and the Ruhr-University Bochum(external link) (RUB). It has set itself the goal to explore mining, processing and use of resources disciplines.

Mineral resources have shaped human history decisively. They are essential engines of cultural and economic development ­. This is true for ancient cultures, we divide time for good reason based on their use of raw materials (stone, bronze, iron age, etc.), and applies as much to our civilization today, which will be called, perhaps once the silicon Time: mining, metal mining , sustainability, environment and economy, imports and exports are all issues that are more relevant than ever! Therefore it is important to explore resources and their cultural and social role in changing the past in order to make comparisons with the presence. Under this slogan developed by the Graduate School RITaK knowledge about the past and this is for current discussions and problem solutions.

What strategies and mechanisms used people at different times and in different cultures in order to obtain raw materials and how were they processed? What ideas and concepts or technologies and innovations were required? How far is sufficient raw material and product flows? And to what extent changes in landscapes and cultural areas under the influence of new resources? These and other fascinating questions are pursuing doctoral students in their doctoral studies at the Graduate School.

During her three-year research project receives the young scientists from Spain, Austria, the United States of America and Germany, comprehensive care and a variety of support from renowned scholars and scientists from a variety of archaeological, historical and geographical-geological disciplines from nine institutions in the DBM and the RUB. Other researchers from nine national and international institutions that belong to the cutting-edge research in Europe has to support the project as partners and open up numerous opportunities for networking and scientific exchange.
The RITaK-Team, Photo: Zint
The RITaK-Team, Photo: Zint

27-29 November 2014
Deutsches Bergbau-Museum Bochum - Hörsaal


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22. und 23. November 2013
Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften - Hörsaal